Saturday, November 5, 2011

got milk?

it wasn't even halloween, they ran from the end of the street looking for milk to bake cookies, i said trembling "aisle 3 don't eat me", they replied "merci madame!"
i love cardboard boxes... we create all kind of props with them in the studio. megan thinks that we have developed a disease because we can't stop picking up good looking ones from the side of the streets, even when we don't need them...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

leaf monsters and nutty squirrels

this year has been all about developing the dolls world and characters with books and short movies. maybe some of you have started to notice our mini photo stories.We still have a little way to go before i can show you what we have been working on, but here, in our fall store window is a preview of what's to come..

(mcnuttie, the squirrel is one of my favorite characters...he is little and orange, like the one in france. He is eccentric and ridiculously proper, he has a great british sense of humor. he would really like to keep track of his stock of nuts and berries but the slightest moving thing distracts him...he reminds me of my grand father)